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Like Having Our Clinic in Your Back Pocket! eNrTT87PLUjMq9Q3NrfULy3IyU9M0Tc0MDU2TTQ00yvISwdcMK0cChU, What can you do with the PetWise Mobile App? With a PetWise Mobile App you will have all of your pet’s information right at your fingertips: Reminders Medical History Vaccinations Medications You will have all of your vet’s information right at your fingertips Phone Number Email Fax Website Location(s) In addition you are able to send requests straight from your phone for appointments, boarding, and refills. You can also attach a video or photo to send it to us. Where to get the PetWise Mobile App? There are two ways to get the PetWise Mobile App. You can scan the QR codes using your smart phone directly from your computer screen or search for the term Petwise on the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. eNrTT87PLUjMq9Q3NrfULy3IyU9M0U-2TDYyMzI11CvISwdcMLBYCk4,   eNrTT87PLUjMq9Q3NrfULy3IyU9M0bdMTjI3TTE11CvISwdcMLGnCoM,  App Store                                    Android Market How to setup the PetWise Mobile App? After you installed the PetWise Mobile App, please visit the app configuration page.