5 Facts Pet Owners Need to Know about Pancreatitis

Your pet’s pancreas functions in numerous ways to support their wellbeing, and when this organ is inflamed, serious consequences can result. Our team at Leawood Animal Hospital wants to ensure you have the facts about pancreatitis so you know what to watch for and how you can help keep your pet from developing it. #1: [...]

7 Tips to Safely Treat Your Pet

Treats are useful for praising your pet, slipping them medications, and bribing them to behave appropriately. Seeing their enthusiasm when they anticipate a favorite treat is an added benefit. However, not all treats are healthy or safe for your pet. Our team at Leawood Plaza Animal Hospital shares seven tips to help you safely treat [...]

I’m Alone and I’m OK—Preventing Separation Anxiety in Pets

We love our pets, and they love us back—but a pet’s affection that becomes over-attachment can result in destructive and dangerous behaviors.  Separation anxiety is a common problem in domestic pets, and recent shifts in how people work and live have brought this condition to the forefront. While your pet may enjoy your current at-home [...]

3 Common Feline Viral Infections

You treasure your cat’s quiet, intriguing company, and you cannot imagine life without them. Unfortunately, cats are susceptible to a number of contagious viral diseases that can rob them of their health and life, and rob us of our beloved friends. The Leawood Plaza Animal Hospital team wants to help you understand how these diseases [...]

5 Facts You May Not Know About Heartworm and Tick-Borne Diseases

According to a Chapman University 2016 study of America’s Top Fears, 25 percent of people have an intense fear of bugs. Pet-owning Americans have additional reasons to be scared—mosquito-transmitted heartworm disease has been confirmed in all 50 states, and the prevalence of tick-borne disease is rising every year. Leawood Plaza Animal Hospital wants to help [...]

Noise Aversion In Pets: Your Questions Answered

Has your furry pal ever dived under the coffee table when you brought out the vacuum? Or burrowed in your closet during the crashing sounds of summer thunderstorms? If this sounds like your pet, they may be suffering from noise aversion, a common condition that affects many cats and dogs, but, unfortunately, often goes undiagnosed [...]

6 Signs Your Pet May Have Allergies

Springtime allergies can turn you into an itchy, irritable, sneezy mess, as your eyes water and burn and congestion clogs your sinuses. Many pets also suffer from seasonal allergies.  Accurately diagnosing allergies in pets, and then successfully managing their signs, can be difficult. Allergy conditions are often complex and can involve more than one allergen, [...]

Heartworm Disease 101 for Pet Owners

No pet owner wants to hear their pet has been diagnosed with heartworm disease. This serious disease can lead to lifelong damage in your pet’s heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels, and can be fatal if left untreated. Fortunately, heartworm disease prevention is simple, and can protect your pet from more than heartworms. Take a [...]

Preparing For A New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is exciting, but any new family member is an adjustment. As human parents prepare for their baby’s arrival, responsible pet owners should prepare for their new furry family member with the same care and intention. Our Leawood Plaza Animal Hospital team wants your new bundle of fur to [...]

6 Cozy Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Warm During Cold Weather

As the coldest month of the year settles in, your four-legged pal may be chilled and shivering, despite their fur coat. Their fur will shield them from some cold, but a typical house pet’s coat is not thick enough to handle temperatures outdoors for more than some quick exercise or a bathroom break. So, if [...]

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