Heartworm Disease 101 for Pet Owners

No pet owner wants to hear their pet has been diagnosed with heartworm disease. This serious disease can lead to lifelong damage in your pet’s heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels, and can be fatal if left untreated. Fortunately, heartworm disease prevention is simple, and can protect your pet from more than heartworms. Take a [...]

Preparing For A New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is exciting, but any new family member is an adjustment. As human parents prepare for their baby’s arrival, responsible pet owners should prepare for their new furry family member with the same care and intention. Our Leawood Plaza Animal Hospital team wants your new bundle of fur to [...]

6 Cozy Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe and Warm During Cold Weather

As the coldest month of the year settles in, your four-legged pal may be chilled and shivering, despite their fur coat. Their fur will shield them from some cold, but a typical house pet’s coat is not thick enough to handle temperatures outdoors for more than some quick exercise or a bathroom break. So, if [...]

4 Tips to Ensure Pets are Safe this Holiday Season

The holiday season, with all the hustle and bustle, is a joyful time with family, including our four-legged friends. Holiday celebrations are extra special when shared with your pet, but many popular holiday traditions and meals can be dangerous for curious furry pals. Ensure your pets don’t enjoy too much holiday cheer with these four [...]

5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time when we count our blessings and enjoy the company of family and friends over good food. Your pet likely wants to get in on the holiday-feast action; however, many pet hazards can potentially spoil your Thanksgiving dinner. Follow these five safety tips from the Leawood Plaza Animal Hospital team to [...]

5 Myths About Weight Management in Pets

When attempting to conquer pet weight loss, we know pet parents can easily become overwhelmed with the wealth of information on the internet and elsewhere. From diet recommendations to exercise plans, knowing which advice to take seriously, and which to ignore, is difficult. While pet weight-management principles are simple—a healthy diet and regular exercise—don’t be [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Leaving Your Dog Alone When You Return to Work

Quarantine has been your dog’s dream come true—sleeping late, lunchtime walks, and snoozing at your feet while you master Zoom meetings top their list of favorites. But, as things return to a new version of normal, you may find yourself preparing to go back to work. While you have loved spending every moment with your [...]

How Regular Veterinary Care Solves Common Cat Problems

Although cats are commonly considered fiercely independent and generally low-maintenance, they still require regular veterinary care to remain healthy, like their canine counterparts. Cats are regarded as low-maintenance because their ability to hide pain or illness is highly honed, but they can suffer silently without routine veterinary attention. Your cat may be quietly hiding painful [...]

Summer Hazards: How to Protect Your Pet from Danger

Summertime is full of exciting and enjoyable events, such as cookouts and fireworks displays, and lazy days spent soaking up the sun’s rays. While you naturally want to include your furry pal in everything you do, you must take proper precautions to keep them safe from common summer pet hazards.  Protect your pet from the [...]

FAQs About Fleas and Ticks

Every pet owner shudders when they imagine fleas and ticks crawling over their furry friend—and possibly themself. These blood-sucking critters are a constant threat, and keeping your pet safe and healthy includes waging a year-round battle to keep them at bay. Fleas and ticks are already out in full force, so don’t let your guard [...]

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